Thursday, June 10, 2010

It has been to long! AWWE the Crazy life!

WOW, really since February. Has it really been that long. Well so much has happened since February. March: Lincoln turned 35 nothing really that exciting. April brought the sun here in California brought me the urge to give the garden another try. May came and so much happened. KJ turned 3 Becca and Rylan excepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. It was so cute Becca was so excited. Rylan couldn't have been any cuter sitting next to me coloring and I was face booking and he looks at me and asked me if he could be a christian. AWWWE, I love that kid. Lincoln got a promotion as Sergeant here in the Fresno area. WOOHOOO! Which means we aren't uprooting to any new place. He was also able to escort the cyclist on the TOUR of CALIFORNIA, the big AMGEN TOUR, through the state this year. At the end of the race he was able to meet MC DREAMY ( Patrick Dempsy) ohhh I was so jealous. This was his third year escorting them through the state. While he was gone KJ had her first dance recital. She was to adorable. May has brought many changes in our lives and all are welcomed.

We were able to make a camping trip to our favorite camping spot for Memorial Day. So great! Soda Springs is awesome. Creek running behind us with very few campers I love our secrete place. My Grandma who is 90 was even able to make it up and join us. What a trooper she is.

Now that it is June we are facing summer. The kids got baptized last Sunday and we had a huge party for them. My mom was able to come out for a visit from Hawaii, so that was nice. This week we have Rylan graduating from kindergarten, Austin graduating from preschool and Saturday is the last day of t ball season. This summer is filled with camping trips and relaxing poolside. I think that about sums it up in a nutshell of the crazy life of the McKenna family the last three months. YUP, Crazy!

Monday, February 15, 2010


So all of our computers have had a virus and mine is still not completly fixed. But luck for me I have a husband who won't give up till he fixes it.

Rylan is turning 6 on Wedensday and we are having an ARMY party for him this MOnday while there is no school for Presidents' Day. WOW, That social bug of mine had a guest list of 40 kids! We are also planning to take him on his first trip to the local ski resort on Wed. his actual birthday! He is so excited. I would love to post pics however my computer is not to the speed yet!

We maybe having a new change in cars again. Lincoln is set on selling both the Sub and truck and getting a Ford Excursion desiel. So that would be my primary car. I am not to crazy about it. That means I would have to give up my sun roof on my sub and I don't know if I really want to do that yet. So we will see if anything comes from it.

Rebecca is doing well here and she is so much help. The kids love her and KJ thinks they are BFF's.

OH my sister and I went sking for my birthday and we had a blast. Just the two of us. We took our time and had so much fun. I think this birthday was the best yet. I had so many personal heartfelt gifts that really came from the heart. No money or gifts were as great as the time of friends and family. Thanks you for all who did so much to make my day special.

I will post agin soon and update how I survived the ARMY party with about 20, 6 year olds.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planning for the 2010

This year is already booking up fast. Last year we put away some money for us to plan a trip to Disneyland so that is to be our first big trip of the year. Although I am hoping to go to Vegas in February for a all girls cousin reunion. Which would be a blast. Fingers crossed I can go. I REALLY hope I could make it out to Indiana this year for an old friends wedding. And Lincoln and I will be celebrating our 10 yr anniversary. However he says he doesn't have a plan and I believe him. Not a romantic here. So if you anyone can put in a good word that would be great.

Life this year is going well. We are adjusting to three schools and three schedules. It just can't be simple. Lincoln's schedule is all over the map. However we have each other and our health. So we cherish our time together more.

Becca and I are working out together and keeping each other on track so that is good for the both of us.

Really no news to tell. Update on Ryley, All I have to say is that my sister has a long battle ahead of her with her therapy and another long ridiculous battle with the school. I am so proud of her for standing her ground and standing up for her child.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a blessing for us all.

Well we got her. Rebecca, age 13 and what a blessing to our family. She is a big help with the kids and a sweet well adjusted girl. However it may take time to get her caught up on keeping a clean house with the rest of us. It is some age and some of not being in a clean enviorment. But we will break her! I will be the first to attest that I am a little more finicky about certain things that must be done around the house.
Anyways Becca started school last week for a few days before the Christmas break and was able to meet some new friends. YEAH!
My Dad came into town this week and will be here till the middle of January. I always look forward to his visits and playing cards with him.
The kids are very excited about Christmas and all our plans. We decorated our giant stocking last night and they can't wait to hang them.

This week we got news from the doctors about my niece's condition. She was diagnosed with a sensory disorder. So as far as I can understand and it is very complex, she has been going through life feeling like she is not grounded. Like she is just floating. I guess her neutrons aren't signaling to the brain normally. Gosh could you imagine living your life like you have no control over your body. They say she sees life like we would in a fun house with all the crazy mirrors. On top of that she was diagnosed earlier this year to have a hearing impairment, not related in any way to her sensory disorder. So now she is wearing a hearing aid and is going to be having occupational therapy once a week. At least my sister has answers now of why she was behaving the way she was. There are other reasons out there that are far greater than ADHD for kids that have attention and behavior problems. Not many doctors can properly diagnose it and very little educators are aware of it. My sisters mission is to educate others. For years she has been judged and frowned upon for her child's behavior and people just thought it was a bad kid or bad parenting. Now there is a medical explanation for it. I am asking everyone to please pray for the therapy to work for Ryley and pray for persistence and tenacity for my sister and her family.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy life and a new addition to the family

Well it has been about a month so there is a lot to tell. I listed my first house and I found buyers for it within the first week. YEAH! I am double ending it. CHACHING!$$$ IOf course it is a short sale so we are still praying that all else will go smoothly. Uppercase Living has kept me so busy. I have been doing about two - three parties per week. I love what I do. The boys are doing well. Same ol thing for them, fighting and playing hard. Kaelyn is getting so big and sassy. She is now picking out her own outfits.

our Thanksgiving was great. We had some family and friends at our house and Lincoln smoked the Turkey for the first time. OH wow, it was so moist and yummy. I guess my job was reassigned to him for now on. No problem.

The weekend following Thanksgiving we celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday and visited with family that I haven't seen in a long time. We had such a great time.

We will be hopefully getting a new addition to our family this month. My 13 year old god daughter is moving in with us. She is such a great kid and needs a good home. So we are commiting to raising her for 6 years. Please pray that no one chnages thier minds for selfish reasons in the next two weeks.

Well that is our life wrapped up in a nutshell. It is a busy life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Rylan's special award!

I had to make her a bow to go witht her favorite shirt. My sweet Indaina girl.

Me and Lincoln at Ceaser's waiting to go to the show.

My new shower. I have a great tile man.

KJ and Lola on Halloween.